Service tank and Pumping units


FRAC can also supply a service tank together with the firing system (or separately), which is usually positioned on the kiln.

The tank receives fuel from the main tank, heats it and supplies the circulation pumps, and also collects fuel returning from the circulation ring, thus maintaining the continuous movement needed to keep low-viscosity fuels flowing when cold. All of the tanks are equipped with electric resistors, safety floats and all of the accessories needed to guarantee their safety and efficiency.

Technical data

Capacity 1000 litres
Heating power 15000 W (n°5 resistors, 3000W each, assembled on flanges)
Safety float min. level (immersion type)


The circulation units are pumping stations positioned on the kiln and connected to the service tank; they are needed for pressurising and supplying the kiln distribution ring.

They are composed of two electric pumps with separate and independent gears, so that a spare one is always ready.

The circulation unit is supplied complete with basket filters on the suction side of each of the two pumps and a self-cleaning filter on the delivery side, usually motorised, a safety valve and safety pressure switches.

Technical data

Flow rate 1500 to 2000 l/h
Pressure 1 to 3 bar
Filter class max. 250 μ


The transfer units are pumping stations used to transfer fuel from the main storage tank to the service tank on the kiln.

They are composed of two electric pumps with independent gears with relative basket filters, so that a spare one is always ready.

Technical data

Flow rate 1500 to 4000l/h
Pressure 1 to 5 bar (based on the length of the transfer piping)


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