Gas ramp


FRAC can supply gas ramps to cut off the fuel supply, or custom make ramps in accordance with customer needs complete with pressure reducers and by-passes for assembly of a volume meter.

In particular, this meter can be associated with a volume correcting device capable of reducing to a minimum measurement errors caused by variations in gas temperature, as well as variations in pressure typical of pipes subject to constant stops and starts (such as the forward thrust of trolleys during the normal production process).


All of the ramps are equipped with:

  • TIGHTNESS TEST for the main valves
  • PRESSURE SWITCHES for controlling the maximum and minimum pressure
  • DRAUGHT GAUGE to be installed in the flue (to block the solenoid valves, thus cutting off the gas supply, in the event of the absence of vacuum in the kiln)
  • LARGE SCALE PRESSURE GAUGES for pressure measurements
  • All complete with an electrical panel capable of managing all of the accessories.

All of the ramps are equipped with certified components in compliance with the regulations in force.


Technical data

Executions from Ø 2”(DN40) to Ø 8”(DN200)
Operating pressure 4 bar to 0.2 bar
Flow rate 50 to 2000 m³/h
Tightness test

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