NIR/4T burner


The NIR/4 operates with pulsed atomized oil and each unit can feed up to 16 firing points; the frequency of the pulses and therefore the power is managed by a motor
controlled by an inverter.

All of the supply units are equipped with a fuel heater.

NIR/4 burners can be equipped with a control panel and can be fitted with a blower manifold on request for cooling the nozzles in the event they are to be used on kilns operating under pressure.


Pulsed burners are one of the oldest and most used types of firing systems used in brick factories, which is why they are so reliable.

The systems have recently been updated with the addition of new inverter technology for improved adjustment.

The NIR/4 can also be mounted on wheels and equipped with special accessories to make it mobile and therefore suitable for use with Hoffman kilns.


Dati tecnici

Tipo di combustibile olio combustibile denso e biocombustibile
Tipo di funzionamento variazione continua con inverter
Tipo di controllo fiamma assente
Pressione di polverizzazione all’ugello 20÷80 bar
Potenza per singolo punto fuoco 40÷70 kW
Riscaldatore combustibile 1200 W
Montaggio in volta

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