Jolly Gas burner


Jolly Gas is a medium to high speed burner with automatic ignition and flame control, designed to be assembled in the front firing rows. It is very powerful, making it especially suitable for preparation of the fire and can work at any temperature. It is also normally used for the ignition of kilns.


Thanks to the technical and safety characteristics of Jolly Gas, it offers automatic flame ignition at any kiln temperature with relative electronic control.

The safety devices have been further enhanced and in particular each firing point has been made independent from the others. Jolly Gas also helps to eliminate unburned gas from the front firing rows, increasing performance and reducing consumption.

Each machine is equipped with an electrical panel capable of independently managing all of the control functions, the operating temperature and the flame controls. It can be interfaced with any of the latest management systems.

Jolly Gas can also be mounted on wheels and supplied with special accessories to make it mobile so that it can be used with Hoffman kilns.


Technical data

Gas pressure in the distribution network 0.2 to 2 bar
Pilot flame gas pressure 20 mbar
Additional flame gas pressure 0.2 to 2 bar
Type of fuel all gas fuels
(natural, butane, propane gas)
Type of operation Max-Min-Stop (automatic ignition)
Type of flame control with electrode
Power per individual firing point 60 to 150 kW
Assembly on roof, but side application is also possible

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