ASN/7 burner


The ASN/7 burner operates with fuel oil gasified with the aid of air blown from a fan and due to the gasification principle it is particularly suitable for preparation of the fire.

All gasifiers can be controlled using an inverter by means of an electrical panel assembled on board the machine; all of the supply devices are equipped with a fuel heater and pressure switch for the forced air, as well as an automatic diffuser cleaning system using compressed air (in the event of a power supply failure).


ASN/6 has a special volumetric dosing system that enables the use of very light fuels such as diesel or crude oil; this volumetric system also enables very fine adjustments to be made as it is not affected by variations in the viscosity or temperature of the fuel.

ASN/6 can also be mounted on wheels and equipped with special accessories to make it mobile so it can be used for Hoffman type kilns.


Technical data

Type of fuel all types of fuel oils
(heavy or light oil, diesel, crude oil and biofuels)
Type of operation continuously variable with inverter
Type of flame control absent
Power per individual firing point 40 to 70 kW
Fuel heater 1200 W
Assembly on roof

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